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Finally! Spruce Cottage " Little Back Porch" Studio!
   As an artist, I realized I had to have a place to both create, and then when a piece is finished,  say to myself " that is finished.." photograph it, tag it, list it, and now display it. My grandsons helped me empty the 6' x 12' little back porch, and I made my space.  It has windows on 2 sides and our back door entrance that goes into the kitchen. The ceiling and outsiside facing walls are vintage beadboard, I'm guessing from the 1920's. The inside facing wall is the carved poplar like the house exterior. That wall, got the bulk of the adjustable shelving. The carpet came up and hardwood floor was underneath! Yeah! Minimal but necessary supplies are in a chest and desk, the bulk of the supplies ate shelved downstairs and I'm good to go!
  This has been a big step for a very private person, having people come by appointment and being available Saturday afternoons only mid October thru mid Dec. But...I enjoy people who enjoy creativity, and are after creative themselves. A chance to visit and share.. ( without having to clean the whole house) ta-da!